For Trish Wimberley, director of the Australian Bat Clinic, having just one of these fascinating fruit bats at her centre is rare, so naturally she had two come in at the same time!

Eastern tube-nosed bat (Nyctimene robinsoni)
Any guesses how they got their name?

Wakaleo was able to drop in on Trish and capture some rare footage of these unusual forest dwellers up close.  A macro lens allowed us to reveal some of their finer details. Take a look!

Typically a rainforest species, Eastern tube nosed-bats feed on a variety of native and exotic fruits, nectar, flowers and pollen; making them effective seed dispersers and pollinators within the Australian ecosystem.

Sequence 03
‘Oh, hi there’ 
Flipping the image, provides a unique perspective


The Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre, is a nonprofit organisation, supported entirely by donations. If you would like to help them rehabilitate bats and other native wildlife, visit their Facebook page.

Wakaleo loves bats! If you share the passion, be sure to watch our playlist on the world’s only flying mammals!