These flying fox pups might just be the most adorable little burritos you’ll ever see.

Tragically, these bat babies were the survivors of one of many deadly heat waves that have recently been taking a devastating toll on bat colonies throughout Australia.


Thankfully, bat conservation groups like the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre not only rescue the animals in need, but will spend months rehabilitating as many bats as they can manage.

When baby bats first enter rehabilitation, it can be traumatising as they have just been separated from their mothers, to which they have formed strong bonds.

Bat carers have to ensure that their new patients are not only well fed, but are nurtured and feel safe in their temporary new home.

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Providing affection to the young mammals is essential.

Much like a human infant, the teats help to relax the small mammals. Carefully wrapping the bats up in a blanket is also useful, as it closely replicates the feeling of being wrapped in wings of their mother.

When the bats have developed the strength and confidence to survive life in the wild, they are released.


In this video, you can observe some older pups in care, getting more active and showing their unique and often humorous personalities.

If you love bats, consider donating! The Australian Bat Clinic spends a small fortune on food, laundry and medical equipment to rehabilitate these pups successfully.

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